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Relocation has never been as easy and straightforward. Let us ease you into your move and carry you through.

Step 1: Taking inventory

As in-demand senior move managers, we have experience in organizing fast and efficient transition and relocation services across San Diego. We make every effort to ensure everything goes smoothly from the get-go, which is why we are diligent about taking detailed inventory in your home. We also take the floor plan in your new home into consideration to make appropriate and timely arrangements for the next step in the process.

Step 2: Decluttering & downsizing

We specialize in downsizing, and we mean it. This step is pivotal in your relocation process. Handling the decluttering process by yourself can be stressful, hectic, and immensely time-consuming, but we can help you strategize, eliminate clutter, and decide which items to take with you to your new home in San Diego. After you have decided what items to keep, we can proceed to the next step in the senior relocation process: the move itself.

Step 3: Organizing movers & relocation

At this stage of the relocation process, we will proceed to organize the moving day. Professional movers we collaborate with in San Diego will handle your belongings carefully from start to finish. They will also take precautionary measures to protect your belongings from damage during loading, transportation, and unloading. Of course, you are free to vet our moving contractors and all the other contractors we may recommend by yourself beforehand.


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    Step 4: Help with settling in

    Now that both you and your belongings have arrived at your new home safely and timely, you can start settling in and making yourself comfortable. As a part of our senior relocation assistance in San Diego, we can help you stage and organize your new living space so as to accommodate all your belongings. Our focus is on you and by taking the stress of the move out of your day, we will help you get settled in properly.

    Why Choose Us


    We strive to be fast and efficient every step of the way, through responding to your request to scheduling your appointment with a senior relocation consultant promptly.

    Track record

    With over 25 years of experience in helping San Diego seniors relocate and downsize, our senior relocation specialists can organize your move to ease your transition.


    Our senior transition and relocation services are flexible and designed to bring you a comfortable, convenient, and fully personalized experience while saving you time.

    Experienced team

    Movers, house stagers, house cleaners, you name it! We work with fully-vetted contractors who can facilitate your move and your day-to-day life.

    Financial guidance

    We will share helpful information on mortgage and other financial options that will help you optimize your budget and make informed forward-thinking decisions.

    Full scope of services

    Aside from planning, coordinating, and executing your move, we offer all related relocation services, from decluttering and packing to real estate transactions.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do you move as a senior citizen?


    Senior citizens normally move because they have decided to downsize and organize their life differently. They also want to find a home that better matches their current needs and circumstances in terms of space, amenities, maintenance, and costs. For most of us, retirement is an opportunity to lead a completely new way of life and explore hobbies and activities for which we never had time before.

    At Premiere Homes, we can offer expert Downsizing San Diego Senior Real Estate Services assistance and help you plan and organize your move from start to finish. Together with a team of experienced senior relocation consultants and contractors, we can assist you with the following:

    • Declutter and sort out your belongings starting with the largest items
    • Stage your new home to maximize your use of the new floor plan
    • Devise a smart and efficient packing and unpacking system

    What is senior move management?


    Senior move management is a service available to senior citizens who are relocating to a new home. This is one of the essential services we offer here at Premiere Homes. We will assist you with the physical aspects of your move and coordinate the process to ensure the process is as swift, stress-free, and painless as possible.

    We understand that deciding to sell your home and move away may not have been the easiest decision to make. If you are leaving a home in which you have spent your whole life, it can be an emotional experience, and we will do our best to ease you into it.

    We can manage every aspect of your move, including, packing, decluttering, staging, and making yourself at home in your new home. Our senior transition relocation services in San Diego are designed to facilitate this entire process for you and enable you to move with ease.

    Why use a senior move management company?


    Premiere Homes specializes in helping senior citizens across San Diego downsize effectively. We can assist you with every aspect of your relocation, both in terms of the moving process itself and in terms of downsizing, selling, and getting the best price for your San Diego home and finding a low-maintenance home to transition across San Diego.

    We also provide comprehensive project management services to our San Diego clients and match you with the area’s leading contractors in the domain of home repairs, home inspections, home cleaning and maintenance, and more. Keep on browsing our Downsizing San Diego Senior Real Estate Services website to learn more about downsizing and our services or schedule the services of a senior relocation consultant near you now.

    Why should seniors declutter?


    If you are downsizing by purchasing a new home in San Diego better suited for your retirement, take things to the next level and declutter prior to relocation. Clutter is a burden that can only make your move more complicated and time-consuming.

    If you are leaving your spacious 3-bedroom home in Poway to move into a more humble abode in Carlsbad, the last thing you want is to have unnecessary clutter take up space. As one of the best moving companies for seniors in San Diego, we can help you create a functional, well-organized living space that will be optimized for your needs and your new way of life.

    How do I schedule my senior relocation service in San Diego?


    At Premiere homes, we will be by your side when it counts the most and set up an action plan according to your instructions and wishes. As experienced senior move managers, we will keep you in the loop every step of the way and be mindful of any special considerations you have presented us with during the initial consultation. All you need to do is give us a call and we will take it from there to set up your appointment.

    We handle all the other services you may need with the same level of commitment, whether it is helping you find the ideal new home that fits your budget and needs or helping you decide on home upgrades or selling it as-is when putting your home on the market. We will help you understand all this and more, including your financial options, such as what you stand to gain from a reverse mortgage and whether it is your best course of action.

    Our service is tailored to your needs and to your timeline, available 7 days a week by appointment. We look forward to helping you get settled in your new home, so call our senior relocation business now!