Senior Transition Services in San Diego

We explore the real estate market to help you find the ideal new home and facilitate your safe and smooth transition.

Step 1

Consultation & need analysis

To help you downsize effectively and ensure you are entirely satisfied with the end-results, we need to learn more about you. We will perform an in-depth consultation with you and, if you wish, your family, discuss your options and offer top real estate advice for seniors. We focus on why you want to downsize and what you hope to accomplish by making the switch. The whole process centers around you and your vision

Step 2

Finding listings & potential properties

After we gain insight into your circumstances and comprehend what you want and what you need, we will find listings to handpick potential properties in San Diego that may be of interest to you. Purchasing a home is not a decision to take lightly, which is why we will do our work diligently to ease your fears and concerns and find you a home with the best house features for seniors and senior-friendly house plans.

Step 3

Organizing inspections

During this stage of the process of buying a house in retirement, we will organize inspections to help you shortlist the properties that fit your vision, requirements, and preferences for your new home and your new lifestyle. Our goal is to find you a home that requires minimum commitment on your part and enables you to get settled in fast and make yourself feel right at home.

Step 4

Sealing the deal & handling paperwork

Upon sealing the deal, there is the ordeal of massive paperwork. Handling the technicalities and the paperwork that comes with real estate transactions can sound daunting and overwhelming. Not to us, as we have 25 years of experience in completing successful real estate transactions on behalf of our senior clients. When it comes to senior transitions in San Diego, our services are designed to facilitate every step of the process.

Why Choose Us


We strive to be fast and efficient every step of the way, through responding to your request to scheduling your appointment with a senior relocation consultant promptly

Financial guidance

We will share helpful information on mortgage and other financial options that will help you optimize your budget and make informed forward-thinking decisions.

Comprehensive Suite of Services

Beyond just planning and coordinating your transition, we offer an array of related services, from decluttering and organizing to overseeing real estate transactions. As Senior Real Estate Agent Specialists in San Diego, we ensure every aspect of your home transition is handled with expertise.

Dedicated Team Guided by San Diego's Senior Real Estate Specialists

From house stagers to cleaners, our collaboration with fully-vetted contractors ensures a refined living experience tailored for seniors. As Senior Real Estate Agent Specialists in San Diego, we're uniquely positioned to oversee and guide a seamless home transition.


Our well-coordinated team will guide you through the project management process to help you make sound financial decisions from beginning to end.

Proven Track Record

Boasting over 25 years of experience assisting San Diego seniors in their home transitions and downsizing endeavors, our Senior Real Estate Agent Specialists ensure a seamless and comforting transition, tailored to your unique needs.

Book our senior downsizing services & sell your San Diego home with ease

Frequently Asked Questions

People decide to downsize because they want to reduce expenses and save money or reduce scope of maintenance or because their existing homes no longer fit their needs. Seniors usually find whether because they have more space and amenities than they need or because they lack amenities better suited to their lifestyle. It may be time to downsize once you come to the realization that you are no longer capable or no longer wish to keep up with the upkeep and all the errands associated with owning a large home, whether because you lack the resources or the energy. Seniors often find that they have more space than they actually need. Perhaps your home is no longer suitable for your lifestyle due to health issues or safety concerns. Retirees often take on hobbies which their current homes cannot accommodate. The only logical course of action in all of these cases is to downsize and sell your current home in San Diego. That is where we come in. We offer a full scope of professionally executed decluttering and downsizing services for seniors.
Purchasing a home is a serious decision to make. For most people, it is a decision they make once in a lifetime. But that does not have to be the case with you. Many seniors discover that an oversized, heavy-maintenance home does not fit the life they have envisioned. We can carry you through the complex process and minimize the commitment that normally comes with real estate transactions. You want your new home to fit your new lifestyle, and you want to live in a place where you feel safe and secure. Owning a home will give you a better sense of security and protection than tenancy ever could, especially if you are looking for a long-term solution. Buying a home that better suits your way of life is a smart investment, especially if you are in the position to downsize. As an added perk, the money you save can go toward your retirement fund, giving you more peace of mind. At Premiere Homes, we bring you a full scope of personalized downsizing services in San Diego. We can help you find you a home that is more appropriate for your new lifestyle and less challenging to maintain. Our team handles senior transition and relocation services in San Diego from start to finish, including real estate sales and purchases.

Downsizing is among the safest options for seniors. When you hire Premiere Homes to carry out your transition, you can expect to reap the following benefits:

  • Save money: lower mortgage payments without additional payments, reduced home insurance, maintenance and utility costs with higher cash flow which translates into increased retirement assets
  • Enhanced quality of life and lifestyle benefits which leave you with more time and freedom to pursue a new hobby or try new things
  • Stress-free transaction: we will use our insight into the San Diego real estate market to help you find what you need and do the heavy lifting for you
  • Convenience: downsizing leaves you with less maintenance and clutter to deal with and brings you amenities that better suit your new lifestyle.
  • Peace of mind: we can find you a home where you feel safe and comfortable

Seniors can qualify for a mortgage just like everyone else, depending on their income, credit score, and how much cash they have. Many San Diego seniors in your situation opt for a reverse mortgage, and we will help you decide whether this is a safe and viable option for your senior transition.

The price range of your prospective new home depends on your assets and your long-term plans and goals. We can help you define your budget upon doing a comparative market analysis of your current home, as well as by defining the price range of properties that best suit your needs and preferences in your desired neighborhood of San Diego.
With a trained and certified senior real estate agent in San Diego who knows the real estate market inside and out on your side, there is less stress and fewer risks to worry about
At Premiere Homes, we have a flexible booking platform and a detailed step-by-step process. It all starts with extensive consultations, during which we will help you decide whether purchasing a home in Escondido or perhaps Oceanside is in your best interest under the given circumstances. We are here from you from consultation to execution and we can create a chart and manage every step and aspect of the project on your behalf, which means less stress, less mess and less hassle for you. We can help you put your home on the market and get the most out of the deal, find a home that fits your needs and your budget, or help you relocate and get settled in your new home in San Diego, as well as offer expertise-based resources at our Downsizing San Diego Senior Real Estate Services website. Schedule your appointment now to make a smooth transition and take a step toward a new way of life!