7 Living Arrangements for Seniors


In the life of senior adults, there comes a time when a decision has to be made on their living situation. Will they remain at home or make use of some of the other housing and living options?  Choosing one may look like a daunting task. It is therefore vital to get acquainted with the basics of every available option.

Following is a basic overview of the seven most common options for housing of seniors that will help you in your decision on your relocation service in San Diego.

What types of living arrangements are available to the elderly?

The housing choices will depend largely on whether the seniors are fully independent, semi-independent, and dependent on third-person assistance.

1. Aging in place

If the elder adult manages their daily life relatively independently or can arrange the required help on his own, this may prove to be a good option. For this to work, various services have been set up and developed, such as in-home caregivers, cleaning services, meal delivery, and others that can substantially ease the so-called activities of daily living (ADLs).

2. The Village concept

The village model attempts to link groups of neighbors with local businesses to help older citizens stay in their residences as they grow older. Usually, this is the option preferred by older adults who want to obtain assistance similar to what they would have in a retirement home but without leaving their homes. It must be noted that such villages are usually not equipped to provide the required services directly but act more as a concierge service or link and liaison with the service providers.

3. Independent living

This is a term used for any housing that is designed exclusively for seniors’ use, and such housing often includes retirement communities, retirement homes, senior housing, and senior apartments. The housing itself is designed for older adults who want to lead an active life in a community setting but not be burdened by daily chores such as housekeeping, cleaning, cooking, and overall house maintenance. These communities and apartments are often compared to small college campuses because people of similar age and interests live together in a communal setting.

4. Residential care home

Residential care homes are facilities of limited size that offer personalized service to their residents, who are usually a relatively small group of older adults. They are known under various names and can be called adult family homes, board, care homes, and personal care homes.

This option is best suited for adults who require more individual and home-setting care with permanently available on-site help.

5. Continuing care retirement community (CCRC)

These are quite complex communities are offer various options, from independent living to assisted living, and are partially skilled nursing facilities. This option is best suited to older adults who wish to stay in one location for the rest of their life, without having to worry about future enhanced care needs that might require relocation to other facilities.

6. Assisted living community

An assisted living community is a care community that typically consists of smaller apartments with a wide range of services. Assisted living communities are the right choice for older adults who can still live independently to a certain degree, but do require some assistance. The level of care may differ from community to community. They function by providing services to the residents that include staff available 24 hours a day, who take care of meals, medication management, bathing, dressing, housekeeping, and transportation of residents.

 7. Nursing home

Nursing homes are instituted for older adults who require around-the-clock supervision and care with meals, activities, daily hygiene, and health management. It is the best and safest option for older adults who have severe physical or mental illnesses that debilitate them and are thus unable to care for themselves. In such facilities, licensed physicians supervise each resident’s care, with nurses and other medical professionals who are practically always on the premises and available to accommodate the needs of the residents.

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