Why Should You Use SRES Services?


Entering a real estate transaction can be daunting, especially if you have specific requirements which most seniors do. First-time homebuyers or sellers are relatively flexible in their demands, but for the majority of seniors looking to sell or purchase a piece of real estate, the purpose of the real transaction, be it retirement, downsizing or relocation to a less urban neighborhood such as Poway, is clearly defined.

That is why they may need the services of a senior real estate specialist in San Diego who not only knows the ins and outs of San Diego’s real estate market, but also what seniors need and want our of a real estate transaction. So what exactly does that entail?

What does SRES mean in real estate?

A Seniors Real Estate Specialist® (SRES®) is a uniquely qualified real estate professional who specializes in comprehensive real estate services for seniors over 50. This designation makes it easier for you as a home seller or buyer to identify real estate agents with niche business expertise and ability to pinpoint your quintessential values and serve your needs. A real estate agent who has earned this designation has network connections and experience, as well as the ability and commitment to do their job efficiently with professionalism and offer a high standard of service to seniors.

An SRES has experience in coming up with dependable solutions to respond to unique challenges seniors often face in terms of financing and home accessibility when planning real estate changes over the age of fifty. The agent will work with you to help you prepare for the potential financial challenges and possible outcomes of your real estate transaction. Aside from selling and downsizing or purchasing a home, an SRES can help you remodel your home to better suit your changing needs or invest in a piece of real estate as a source of additional revenue.

What are the benefits of working with an SRES?

SRES® designees are trained to handle seniors real estate transactions. The benefits of working with an experienced SRES include:

  • Reliable connections with and referrals to a vast network of real estate industry professionals and specialists outside of real estate, from movers and house stagers to home inspectors and attorneys
  • Specialized knowledge in the domain of real estate financial options for seniors, including reverse mortgages, 401(k) accounts, and IRAs
  • Better understanding of senior housing needs
  • Tailored service: custom-made plan to market and sell, downsize or purchase a property based on your wishes and needs

Another major aspect of the service SRES designees provide is the ability to guide seniors through the process of selling a long-held home or finding one that is better suited for a somewhat different way of life. The process is often followed by financial and emotional challenges, especially for seniors who may need to sacrifice some of their independence.

A SRES designee can help seniors reshape their future and make smart long-term decisions to make way for a more rewarding lifestyle and a higher quality of life. To do this, these real estate specialists need to gather sufficient information to develop a customized approach to a person’s living situation without compromising the security of their financial future and long-term plans.

Tailoring a service to you: a senior real estate specialist in San Diego

If you are looking for an experienced SRES® to help you make the most of your upcoming real estate transaction and make a smooth transition into your new life, reach out to us and we will readily guide you through every part of the real estate process.

We have a long track record and rich experience in helping seniors downsize and find new homes that are better suited to their needs. Make the most of our field expertise and experience. Schedule your consultation now!

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