Housing for Seniors: 5 Challenges and Solutions


According to demographic research, the 65-plus population will grow nearly 90 percent in the next twenty years.  As the older population increases, seniors face the pressures of affordability, greater isolation, and reduced accessibility to the things they need to maintain a healthy and fulfilling way of life. Moving to a new environment and changing your way of life can be daunting, finding a solution to housing challenges can prove to be difficult.

Before you decide on your subsequent living arrangement and give a relocation service in San Diego a call, learn more about the problems seniors deal with and how they can be solved.

What are the housing problems faced by senior citizens?

Even though not every housing community is the same, challenges facing senior populations are universal as they transition to a new way of life.

1. Change of setting

No matter how old you are, moving is a stressful event. As you get older and accumulate more things, the stress level rises with it. Having to declutter and sort through personal items and memories is never easy. Saying goodbye to your old life can take an emotional toll. Adjusting to a new way of life takes time. Still, as you settle in and get into a routine, the anxiety will gradually disappear.

2. Isolation and loss of social connections

Although housing communities are designed to help seniors with issues of loneliness and better social connection, it’s completely normal to feel isolated and uneasy in a new environment. Luckily, assisted living communities welcome your family and friends into the community and encourage you to socialize. One of the primary benefits of a senior community is the easy access to various activities and programs that allow the seniors to meet, socialize and get involved.

 3. Lack of physical activity

Seniors are used to their routines. Physical activity is one of the main elements of a daily regime, one that boosts their health and overall wellbeing. You may worry you won’t be getting proper exercise inside a senior community. Luckily, most communities emphasize physical training, which is why walking trails and gyms are typically available on site.

4. Lack of transportation

When you move to a senior housing community, you may find yourself further away from family and friends. If you own a vehicle, you’ll usually have a free parking spot. That way, you can hop into your car whenever you want to visit family, go shopping, or a doctor’s appointment. Housing communities also provide adequate transportation via organized field trips and other outdoor activities.

 5. Resident disputes

Just like in any living environment, disputes among residents are not unheard of, and senior living is no exception to the rule. If such an issue arises, you can quickly work this out by addressing the problem with the housing community staff. However, the advantage of senior housing is that more often than not, it’s more likely you’ll find seniors with shared interests and hobbies inside the community.

Who do I contact for assistance on moving and relocation services in San Diego?

There are various types of senior living. Whether you decide to downsize,move to a senior housing community, or get assistance care your living arrangement will be made easy by reaching out to our relocation service experts.

Get in touch with Nick Alameddin and the team for streamlined relocation and downsizing services. Whether you’re moving to the beautiful seaside area of La Jolla or another neighborhood, we’ll make your living transition as smooth as possible. Call today to schedule an appointment!

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