Guide to Levels of Senior Care


Society today is trying to offer older adults various dignified solutions for living out their senior years. Senior care has developed tremendously over the years. Depending on the condition of the individual, their preferences and challenges, there are numerous choices available. The variety of options can sometimes be puzzling, and serious due diligence is required to find the best solution.

Thankfully, knowing about the various levels can give a good idea of precisely what you need before you contact your local relocation service and move to San Diego or the nearby area. .

What are the different levels of senior living?

There is no prescribed level of care in most states for the assisted living industry, and it is usually up to each community to define the basic levels of care. Usually, communities have two to four levels of care in assisted living facilities, including residential living, professional nursing services, assisted living, memory care, and rehabilitation.

Lower Levels of Care

Residents who need minimal assistance typically require lower levels of care. These residents are mobile and can move around without assistance, whether walking on their own, with the help of assistive devices, or with a wheelchair. Such residents communicate without problems, have no memory loss, and can convey their needs and preferences to the staff. Sometimes, they may require assistance in doing some menial tasks, such as help in fastening buttons while getting dressed. Perhaps they may require help in using the shower but are otherwise independent, especially in their daily hygiene and care.

Higher Levels of Care

Higher levels of care are designed for residents who require more assistance on a daily basis from the staff providing care. Such residents may not be ambulatory, i.e., they may not be able to move to one place from another independently and need help walking or being wheeled. They also need more everyday help in dressing, showering, and managing their toileting needs or incontinence. This may be accompanied by signs of memory loss and residents may require verbal or physical assistance in making decisions or trying to manage their day successfully. In addition, these residents often may need to be under complex medical monitoring. They may have chronic pain that needs medical management and may pose safety concerns, such as associated fall risks.

What is the next level of care after assisted living?

Assisted living is often the choice for seniors, and older adults quite commonly tend to live the rest of their lives in assisted living communities. Therefore, the selection of the community is extremely important. Provided the choice is right, they will enjoy a full life, receive all the care their enhanced and growing needs require. They will age in peace and receive the care they require as their needs develop, make new friends, and engage in activities that will allow them to live their senior years to the fullest.

The usual reasons that may force people to leave an assisted living setting and move to another type of care has to do with a person’s health, the most common being:

  • Degenerative memory diseases (such as dementia or Alzheimer’s disease)
  • Unstable medical conditions caused by strokes or heart attacks
  • The inability to move around
  • Other needs that demand stricter medical and other care

Memory Care

More and more assisted living communities are introducing memory care units, which offer an exceptionally high level of care. They are designed for older residents who have Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. Their intended goal is to create environments that would help seniors with memory loss to feel at home. Activities are carefully designed not to cause stress or fear of failure. Staff members are carefully trained and receive ongoing specialized training in dementia care and are often active members or leaders of support groups for family members.

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