5 Tips for Downsizing & Decluttering Your Home


The number of homeowners that are opting to downsize their home is skyrocketing. Whether it’s because they’ve retired, the children have left home, divorce, or simply a need for a lifestyle change, downsizing may be the right option for you.

One of the main challenges you may encounter when downsizing is how to declutter a home in which you’ve accumulated so many memories. What to keep, what to throw or give away, it may prove difficult to decide which possessions you deem valuable to take with you. The downsizing process can take its toll emotionally as well as physically. If you are one of many thinking about downsizing in the San Diego region, keep reading to find out how to make your move easier and less overwhelming.

How do you declutter before downsizing?

The bigger the home, the more stuff you have. Now that you’ve made the decision to downsize, you may find yourself wondering where to start and how to choose which items to take to your smaller home.

1. Prepare in advance

Give yourself enough time to get ready for the decluttering process. Instead of doing it on the last weekend before the big move, take your time sorting through your valuables. It may prove tricky to leave behind certain items, so give yourself several weeks or even a  month to acclimatize to letting go.

2. Get rid of duplicates

As with every big home, you most certainly have items that are duplicates. From extra frying pans to fitness equipment, now is the time to get rid of them. Whether you decide to throw them away or give them to a child or relative is up to you. The main goal is to prepare yourself to simplify your lifestyle and make it easy for yourself in the future.

3. Measure for furniture

Furniture is robust and takes up a lot of room in any home, and especially in one that you’ve decided to downsize to. Take measurements of your new home and bring with you only the furniture that will fit and make the new space functional.

4. Digitize everything

Now is the perfect time to sift through old documents, bills, and other paperwork. You’ll be surprised as to how much clutter there is in all that paper. You can just throw a lot of it away, but keeping the important ones can be made easier by simply digitizing the documents.

This goes for old photos, CDs, and DVDs as well. Transferring the material to digital files and storing them on an external hard drive or cloud storage has another advantage. All your valuable documents, movies, music, and most importantly memories, will be just a click away.

5. Go for multifunctional furniture

Downsizing means that your living arrangements are subject to change. With less room, opting for furniture that is practical and multifunctional is the way to go. Whether it’s a coffee table that folds up into a dining table or a sofa that turns into a bed, your furniture should have more than one function.

What do you keep when you downsize?

On paper, the rule is quite simple. Keep the things that you need and those that you use regularly. In reality, finding the perfect balance between objects of sentimental value and practical items for everyday use can be difficult. Unless the object has its specific purpose in the new space, you should consider leaving it behind. Some things are best sacrificed for more care-free living conditions.

Who is the leading downsizing expert in San Diego and the region?

With all the housing challenges facing seniors today, downsizing from your bigger home has numerous benefits. With the help of San Diego’s leading downsizing specialist Nick Alameddin, you can receive expert advice on how to declutter before the big move.

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