What Are SRES Services?

When it comes to real estate, seniors have unique demands. No professional is better equipped to help them navigate the world of real estate than a specialized senior real estate agent in San Diego. Whatever the reason for your move, whether it’s retirement, downsizing to a smaller house in Scripps Ranch or other major life […]


Why Should You Use SRES Services?

Entering a real estate transaction can be daunting, especially if you have specific requirements which most seniors do. First-time homebuyers or sellers are relatively flexible in their demands, but for the majority of seniors looking to sell or purchase a piece of real estate, the purpose of the real transaction, be it retirement, downsizing or […]


What Is Prop. 19?

The Proposition 19 constitutional amendment bills came to pass on November 3, 2020, by a simple 51% vote in California. The home protection policy aims to safeguard property tax portability. It will allow homeowners to pass their Prop. 13 base-year) within California. Prop. 13 had earlier the property tax rates at 1% with limited yearly […]


Guide to Selling a House in Probate

If a member of your family has recently passed away and you have inherited their property, you may be interested in having the property listed. But if your loved one’s home is in probate after their passing, you might be curious about and concerned with its resale potential.  First things first, to put your mind […]


How Do You Downsize in Retirement?

Have you been looking forward to all the free time you will finally have once you finally reach retirement? Did you imagine yourself bursting with energy from morning to night and finally getting round to doing all the things you had no time to do before?  But fast forward to your actual retirement and you […]


Downsizing Guide for Seniors

Having lived in the same home for a long time, we tend to accumulate many things in our lifetime.  While some items carry a significant emotional value, others may not. Many items we simply keep because it’s convenient and comfortable, until our shopping and hoarding habits get out of hand and we start to feel […]