5 Tips to Prepare a Parent for Assisted Living


Preparing your parents for assisted living begins with an honest conversation that keeps their needs and wishes in mind. Taking this step is challenging, but it will ultimately help everyone feel more secure.

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How do you prepare a loved one for assisted living?

Moving aging parents from one home to another is more difficult than it appears, and it may take extensive planning. In case you’re concerned about their emotional well-being during the process, here are a few tips that can ease the transition:

1. Have a discussion with their best interest at heart

Your loved ones shouldn’t feel like you’ve already decided for them. It’s best to start talking about assisted living with them well before they need it. If you haven’t mentioned this possibility yet, tell them about all the options they have that could improve their quality of life and make it more enjoyable.

2. Do your research and take tours together

Look into assisted living facilities in the area and offer them a tour. Make sure you visit at least three assisted living facilities and show your parents what a good ALF is like. Ask for their input: Is a modern facility right for them, or do they prefer a cozy and more intimate setting? What activities do they enjoy? Also, remember to explore the on-site amenities and nearby neighborhoods so they can get a feel for the area.

3. Highlight the benefits

Explain all the benefits that extra assistance with daily activities can bring to you and your family. Emphasize that assisted living allows seniors to refrain from everyday chores, allowing them to spend time doing what they truly want. What’s more, they have plenty of room to be alone, yet they’re always surrounded by friends. Finally, consider highlighting the aspects you know they’ll enjoy, based on what you know about them.

4. Give them time

Although it’s sometimes hard to wait, it’s vital not to push your loved ones into moving to an ALF. If you want to discuss the subject again, wait for the chance to propose it as a solution to the problem your parents have brought up. The ultimate goal should be to make them feel in control of their lives and in charge of such an important decision.

5. Packing & downsizing

Now that your parents are ready to make their final decision and complete the process – it’s time for packing. Leaving their possessions behind might be one of the greatest challenges senior adults face when moving. Be mindful of how attached they might be to particular belongings and memories, and set aside enough time for the task. Determine the moving date and time, along with the resources needed to ensure there are no surprises when the big day arrives.

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