Guide to Effective Real Estate Marketing to Seniors


Seniors looking to downsize are usually on a hunt for homes with fewer safety risks, lower maintenance costs, less demanding upkeep, more convenient amenities and a neat location in a quiet neighborhood. Curious about whether your home fits the bill? Wondering about the most effective techniques used to market real estate to seniors? What is the winning strategy that makes a property a fine real estate investment and a savvy, forward-thinking decision for the maturing community? Read on to find out what a specialist in real estate services for seniors in San Diego has to say on the matter.

How do you market your property to seniors?

Seniors normally have concrete reasons to move and it is these reasons that the optimal offer should target which is why real estate marketing and services should be tailored accordingly. Experienced senior real estate specialists rely on innovative and traditional techniques used in real estate which are specifically designed to attract senior buyers and meet their real estate needs.

To determine if you can trust a realtor with your real estate transaction, check if the following applies to him/her:

  • Earning the SRES designation and being the complete authority on the subject, which includes being up-to-date on factors relevant to the real estate transaction process such as 401(k), IRA, pension, health insurance, Social Security, as well as reverse mortgages and other types of loans, payment plans and financing options available to seniors, etc.
  • Responsive to questions
  • Readiness to listen to each person’s unique story and get to know the decision-maker
  • Ability to assess the senior person’s readiness to accept the change
  • Commitment to tailor the package to the senior person’s needs and priorities
  • Being sensitive to the financial and emotional aspects of the move
  • Awareness of the benefits of aging in place and willingness to work out an acceptable compromise
  • Understanding the various legal needs and issues seniors face

Unless your agent shows the above qualities, speaks your language and goes out of their way to make the process as simple and comfortable for you as possible, keep looking.

Will house prices drop in 2021 in San Diego?

Housing trends in San Diego in 2021 are forecasted to remain the same: the high buyer purchasing power continues to push up home price growth and maintain high low-tier and high-tier housing prices. Low mortgage rates are expected to remain steady and continue to bolster the home buying market.

Still, it’s possible to find a safe and friendly neighborhood that is more affordable and has relatively low median listing price, such as San Diego’s community of Mission Valley. SRES designees are trained to pinpoint and snatch the best opportunities for their senior clients. They will also look at your finances to help you decide on a real estate transaction that would make most sense for you from the financial perspective and in practical terms.

We know the ins & outs of real estate services for seniors in San Diego

Nick Alameddin have worked hard to build a reputation and maintain high professional standards in our line of work and he can vouch for the honesty of recommendations we will offer you, be it a home that matches your needs and your budget, a favorable offer for your home if you are looking to downsize or the optimal way to refinance your residential or investment property.

We will gather all the relevant information on your case and discuss your options at length during our initial one-on-one appointment to secure your optimal outcome and clear the path for a favorable and safe real estate transaction that is in your best interest. Schedule now!

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