6 Practical Things to Consider When Moving Elderly Parents

tips-moving-elderly-parentsRelocating aging parents can help them stay close to family, provide a safer living environment, and encourage a more active and engaged lifestyle. But even if they’ve agreed to downsize to a senior apartment near you, moving day can still be emotionally draining. If you’re one of many thinking about how to ease your parent’s transition, keep reading to find out how to make it less overwhelming.

If you, however, need advanced assistance to come up with a safe relocation plan that does not leave room for mistakes, reach out to experienced senior relocation specialists in San Diego. They have all the knowledge to empower a whole family with a detailed project management chart for your parents’ future.

How can I help my elderly parents move?

The move-out checklist below is designed to give your aging parents confidence and peace of mind as they make one of the most important decisions of their lives:

1. Keep them involved

You can’t expect your loved one to accept a change this large overnight. They’ll be more likely to understand this complex transition if you give them enough time to process it while keeping them engaged along the way. What’s more, by involving them as much as possible in the planning and moving process, they’ll feel more ownership and have an easier time collaborating.

2. Organizing & downsizing

In most cases, the reduction in living space is the most challenging aspect of moving to senior living. Be sensitive to your parent’s feelings and begin by sorting household items they’ll need most, along with personal belongings they’d like to have with them. While you and your parents go through a collection of belongings, a lot of fond memories will arise, so don’t rush things out.

3. Plan transportation around your parents’ needs

It may be difficult for a senior to travel long distances without assistance or stopping, while others may need full-service medical transport. If their relocation requires traveling from A to B, make sure you consider mobility and factor in extra travel time. In the case of flying, for example, you may arrange for special assistance in advance, such as help with boarding, curb-to-gate assistance, or special seating arrangements.

4. Explore senior relocation services

Facing this new phase of life is an ambitious task for everyone involved. Regardless of whether you’re able to join your parents during their relocation preparations, expert help will ensure all your parent’s needs are met. Senior relocation consultants have experience downsizing, moving, and organizing the belongings of aging individuals and know what it takes to make the process stress-free.

5. Think of their health care well in advance

Relocating elderly parents to a new city will also require you to locate new medical providers for them. Remember to do your research, obtain referrals from their current doctors, and schedule an appointment shortly after they arrive to avoid long waitlists.

6. Create a sense of belonging at their new location

During times of change, having familiar possessions and arrangements can be comforting. Your loved one’s new space will feel more like home when you add personal touches to it. Also, to encourage their transition, provide information on nearby amenities, discuss new possibilities that will arise, and much more.

What-are-the-housing-problems-faced-by-senior-citizensLooking for expert project management in San Diego? Reach out today!

To help your aging loved ones maintain their health and independence throughout the whole transition, contact a senior move manager to help you plan the moving process thoroughly. With help from Nick Alameddin, the leading authority in downsizing, you can receive expert advice on how to prepare a loved one for assisted living or address your concerns about the future of your parents.

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