3 Major Challenges Senior Adults Face When Moving

As we get older, we experience numerous life changes. The traits we possess are constantly shifting, and most of us go through a substantial transformation by the time we retire. One such situation is when the moment arrives to downsize to a smaller house due to age-related risks and limitations. Even if it’s the right decision, you may still find moving into a smaller home or senior living community physically and emotionally challenging.

Transamerica Center for Retirement Research found that 38% of retiree respondents have changed homes, among which 33% downsized. To make sure you’re comfortable with your choice, contact trusted relocation managers for seniors for professional project management services in San Diego. They’ll know how to help you avoid some of the major challenges that an upcoming transition can bring.

Why is moving so stressful for senior adults?

Aging is associated with a great deal of fear and negative feelings. And they’re even more difficult if we’re facing them alone. While older adults may have plenty of worries about aging, leaving their homes behind is probably the most significant. Here’s why:

1. Seniors find selling stressful

Just thinking about open houses, disclosures, liabilities, and the emotional stress they create is often overwhelming to most seniors. You may need assistance in staging your property to attract the highest-paying buyer and ensure the best possible sale. For starters, consider performing minor repairs, contacting a senior real estate agent, or hiring a packing and organizing company to sort through your possessions. These are just a few practical things that may help a senior manage moving stress effectively. 

2. Anxiety, grief, or sadness

It is not uncommon for downsizing or moving to be accompanied by the fear of the unknown. Additionally, getting rid of your belongings and deciding what to keep can make you feel quite anxious. After spending so much time in one place, you accumulate a lot of stuff, and – to make it all harder – you become attached to your possessions and ascribe a higher value to them.

Additionally, if you’re grieving the loss of your spouse, downsizing and moving can be particularly daring. No matter if you’re adjusting to a smaller living space or you saying goodbye to a familiar setting, grief or sadness are natural during the transition.

3. Losing independence

It can be scary for older adults to emerge into this new phase of their lives. At times when it’s hard for you to cope with change, experiencing feelings of uncertainty and disruption in everyday life is quite common. Moreover, you may fear losing your independence, as you notice your mental and physical abilities slowly deteriorate.

Be aware of concerns and the emotional strain this transition can cause, and don’t look the other way when your behavior changes. You may experience fluctuations in your mood, from irritability or extreme sadness. Additionally, fear can manifest through anger outbursts and depression.

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